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How it's Done

How it is Done when you have your Roof cleared of moss by A1 Window Cleaning


​* All required access equipment to be supplied by us

* Detach all downpipes to ensure loose moss does not block existing system

* Scrape moss from roof tile surface using our flexi scraper roof tool

* Clear out the insides of the gutters on the main property

* Clear any blocked downpipes that we may find.

* Apply a professional Biocide treatment to kill all remaining moss and algae spores and prevent regrowth for up to 5 years* (Please see attached manufacturers datasheet under the section of "Likely re-occurrence time"

* Clean and wash down the outside fascias, soffit, bargeboards and guttering

* Clean and wash down windows, doors etc...

* Leave site nice and tidy

* 12 Month regrowth guarantee. (If any green reappears on the roof tiles within 12 months of treatment we will come and apply another Biocide treatment free of charge)

*and of course always a friendly smile

Contact us now for a free no obligation quotation.

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