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Soft Washing

Does soft washing work?

For external rendering, it is the best available solution, and most businesses previously paying for pressure washed solutions are now requesting it.

We can soft was rendering and roofing. Scroll down to see how its done and view our accreditation.

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Why is soft washing better than pressure washing?

Soft washing does more than clean; it exterminates the bacterium that causes the discolouration in the first place with no need for dangerous and damaging high-pressure washing. Pressure washing cleans off the surface but quickly returns. Furthermore, soft wash doesn’t use harmful high pressure.


How long does a soft washing treatment last?

This depends partly on the environment that your property is based, but a soft wash treatment will generally last four times longer than a pressure washing solution. In the majority of cases, soft wash treatments last far longer than 12 months and can last up to 5 years.

Don't get caught out?

A lot of window cleaning companies and businesses are jumping on the band wagon and taking advantage of this new technique. Unlike most window cleaning firms we believe in providing the best possible cover and protection. 

Which is why at A1 Window Cleaning proper training has been invested in with a city and guild qualification..

Check out our City and Guilds Accreditation:

City and Guilds Professional Softwash Technician

City and Guilds Emergency Chemical and Oil Spill Management and Response

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